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Featured Golf Community-Lochmere Golf Club

April 12, 2011

Lochmere...A Golf Experience!

Lochmere Golf Club is a semi-private course in the cozy town of Cary, North Carolina and offers its members and guest an enjoyable golf experience. With tree-lined fairways and abundant water hazards and strategically placed bunkers, this course is challenging for most golfers, but not overly difficult. The par 71, 6,627 yard course was designed by Gene Hamm and opened in 1985. With a course rating of 132/72.1, this is course offers a variety of shots for all levels of golfers.

Some of the more memorable holes on this course include the Par 5 9th hole which is a  long drive down a narrow fairway that opens up on your second shot. Your second shot must be long enough to put you in position to carry the pond in front of the green. The green is long, but somewhat narrow with bunkers on one side, and woods on the other. You cannot go too long on your approach shot to the green as it has a water hazard on the back side of the green that many will not know about unless you find yourself going over the green.

The Par 4 10th hole is a very picturesque hole that is very open for your tee shot,but your second must carry a creek. The green is secured with a bunker in the front left corner and woods to the right. You follow this hole with a short Par 3 that requires you to shape your shot to avoid the water just off the tee box and the water that runs down the left side towards the green. If you are too far left, a ball will roll into the water. The safe shot is to go left to avoid the impending water.

The Par 4 14th has an unusual feature around the green. After carrying a creek in front of the tee box and staying left to avoid the water that runs down the right side of the fairway, the approach shot must not only avoid the deep bunker in the right front corner of the green, but the island within the bunker. The worst approach on this hole would be to land in the bunker, right behind the island, making for a near impossible sand shot.

These are just a few of the memorable holes on this local favorite course, but you really must experience it if you enjoy a challenging course with tons of water hazards and bunkers.

Lochmere is always looking for members with great activities, family events and programs for all levels of golfers. Another great benefit of this club is that they are members of ClubCorp and membership in the club can give you access to courses and dinning clubs throughout the U.S. Contact the club for more details about membership at Lochmere Golf Club.

The Community

Living in Lochmere is an experience in itself. You will be enthralled by the tree-lined streets, the community features and the gorgeous tennis facilities. With lots of open space to include greenways, walking trails and lakes, it is the perfect place to raise your family in a gentle environment that can only be found in a gentle Southern town like Cary and Lochmere in particular.

With single family homes ranging from the $300k to over $1 million, this community has the features and diversity to fit your needs, no matter your price range. Lochmere offers by way of amenities three lakes, one pond and one water feature. One of the lakes actually has a boat ramp for your boating enjoyment. For more information about the community features and the Home Owner’s Association, please visit Lochmere Homeowners Association.

For more information about homes that are available for sale in this fabulous Cary community, please feel free to contact me. This is the type of community where you can feel at home and enjoy life the way it is meant to be enjoyed. It is not just a lifestyle, it is Life with Style!

Thoughts from a Realtor about a possible Government Shutdown

April 8, 2011

I am writing my opinion from an individual standpoint as a Conservative real estate agent, this is not the opinion of any group!

My personal, non-professional opinion may not be popular with some people, but I think that a shutdown would be a clear message to the President and the Senate that the Republicans mean business and the years of mismanagement of the federal government are to come to an end. Politically, the Republicans cannot risk a repeat of the late 1990s and 2000s where they did not cut government as they had promised. Of course, my opinion runs beyond politics as the debt that the U.S. is carrying is detrimental to both national security and the economy.

There is not a business model for the way government has been running the past fifty  years. The day has arrived where we, as Americans, must get our fiscal house in order. Otherwise, we will continue to be forced to deal with nations such as China that have such poor human rights records. If we did not have so much of our national debt with the Chinese, we could utilize our trade relations with them to bring about changes there.

On the business side, a prolonged shutdown of the federal government could adversely affect the housing market as it may lead to a tightening of the mortgage markets with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I don’t think the shutdown will impact them directly and I am sure they would still be in business, but it may affect the federal funding they receive and thus, impact their ability to purchase mortgages.

With that said, the long-term benefits of getting the financial house in order would be worth the immediate detriments to the housing market and the economy.

The proposed $10,000 tax credit for new construction

Now, some thoughts on the proposed $10,000 tax credit for the purchase of a new construction home. I have some mixed feelings about this proposed tax credit that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has been proposing and attempting t to get Realtors on board to support it. On one hand, it will be beneficial to a segment of the real estate market that has been sluggish over the past several years and could result in getting some of the vacancy rates down in many areas of the country. Areas such as Nevada and Florida that have large numbers of unsold new homes would benefit greatly with this incentive.

However, it is not the business of government to pick winners and losers. Obviously, the winners would be the builders and banks who own these vacant homes. It would also benefit the overall market as getting the inventory under control would help home values rebound. The losers, of course, would be all of those home owners who are trying to sell their homes. It would give the builders an unfair advantage over the resale market.

I personally have listings that have been on the market for nearly a year and this credit would make it even more difficult for these homes to sell. As a Realtor, who doesn’t represent builders, it would virtually destroy my listing business.

This may not be popular with many of my real estate friends, but I think the government should let the market recover on its own as it would result in a better and more sustained recovery. A great deal of the blame for the state of the housing market goes to the federal government due to their meddling over the past several years. Personally, it never makes sound financial sense to make a major purchase of hundreds of thousands of dollars for a relatively small tax credit on your taxes. If you are ready to buy anyway, the tax credit is a great incentive to get you off the couch and make a home purchase. I fear that too many buyers that purchased under the previous tax credits were not ready for the responsibility of home ownership. Ans of course, these homeowners are simply foreclosures waiting to happen.

If you have any questions about the housing market in Raleigh,  please feel free to ask as I would love to be of assistance.