New North Raleigh Restaurant-Kamado Grille

The Kamado Grille opens in North Raleigh to rave reviews...

The Kamado Grille opens in North Raleigh to rave reviews…

Are you in the mood for a backyard cookout, but no time to fire up the grill? Have no fear…Kamado Grille is here to the rescue. Kamado Grille opened on Saturday in the old Lucky 32 site on Spring Forest Road in North Raleigh to great acclaim. It is hard to believe the Lucky 32 restaurant closed its doors in North Raleigh in 2006. During that time, the building has remained vacant and unused.

But no more…Kamado is here and poised to be an everyday restaurant that many will enjoy. Think fusion cuisine paired with backyard barbecues and you have the flavor of Kamado Grille. The food is even prepared on kamado grills. Kamado grills are similar to the Big Green Egg for those grilling enthusiast.

The kitchen consists of a dozen or more kamado grills where everything from appetizers to desserts are prepared…all with the smoky flavors of a charcoal grill. No gas here…just charcoal. As a charcoal grill advocate, I appreciate the cooking process that only a charcoal grill offers. The flavors are better on a charcoal grill and the process is primal in nature. It takes time and skill to elevate the coals to the proper cooking temperature while ensuring the food is properly prepared without the aid of electronic means that monitors the temperature.

Cooking aside, the Kamado Grille offers everything from salads to appetizers to burgers and sandwiches to entries. The salads are generous portions with unique dressings such as the Arnold Palmer vinaigrette. The most popular appetizer is the lamb lollipops served with Goldsboro cheddar grits and a Maria sauce. Though not a fan of crab cakes, I am told the cast iron crab cakes are delicious.

The entries are some of the best values in town and just as sumptuous. On my first visit, I had the St Louis ribs. They were very tender but not so tender that it falls apart when you pick up a rib. The dry rub seasoning was favorable. There are three BBQ sauce options and I can vouch for the Root Beer BBQ sauce.

This evening, I had the reverse seared pork bomb and it was so tender a fork was the only utensil needed. It was deliciously seasoned with a sweet bourbon glaze. My wife had the maple miso salmon served on a cedar plank and she commented that it was the best salmon she had ever eaten.

For lighter faire, they have flatbread and sandwiches to include a burger. The desserts, though limited in choices, was served hot off the grill and very moist. We shared the chocolate cobbler topped with ice cream. It was very similar to a molten lava cake and was served in a cast iron bowl…hot off the grill.

The atmosphere and service are memorable. The restaurant has two large screens that switch from live kitchen feeds to videos that can be found on YouTube. The live feed of the kitchen ensures the patrons that the kitchen is clean and it is fascinating to watch the grills at work.

The staff is friendly and very helpful. In our few visits, many of the servers have remembered us and welcome us. It is a casual restaurant where the servers where jeans and plaid shirts, but the food is anything but casual.

Being new, they are still working out some of the kinks that can be expected from any new restaurant, but i am optimistic they will work them out. The tables come equipped with an iPad ordering system and you can actually pay there, no giving your credit card to a stranger. This was one area that needs some improvement as the system doesn’t always keep up with supplies. For instance, my wife ordered a glass of wine and when we didn’t receive it, was told they were out of that wine for the evening. It made for some delays and she didn’t get her wine until the food had already been delivered.

Notwithstanding, it is a wonderful experience and one that will only get better over time. The management is very attuned to customer service and the staff strives to impress. We will definitely be back for more ‘backyard barbecues’ at the Kamado Grille.

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